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Raven Roxanne

I can drink a little bit of coffee and then I go a little bit nutty.”

Raven:  On a normal day we both wake up together, for the most part — like 7:30 or 8. Thomas always takes a shower right away and I take the dogs on a walk. Then he makes us coffee, and then he rides his new motorcycle to work — he’s very excited about that — and then if it's not too cold I either walk or ride my bike to my studio at Redux to paint all day.

I treat it like a 9-5, even though sometimes it’s 11-6 or 11-4 depending on what I have going on that day.

Sometimes if I have a lot of emails I stay here and get that done first — if I’m there I get too excitable to focus on computer stuff.

I am super pumped about our morning routine because for my last job in Atlanta, I had to be at work at six. When we first started dating and I was spending the night at his house, I’d have to wake up at four to leave for work — so I really am savoring these mornings compared to what I used to do.

Thomas:  I’ve got my coffee station here with a lot of options, this is the newest pour-over — it was a Kickstarter from a really cool dude in Chicago. I even installed an instant hot-water line, have you seen those? It's just like an extra spout and when you turn it on it’s always boiling… but I couldn’t get it to the exact 200 degrees I wanted so it went back.

R: No but this is after we tried three different ones,  this is a full-blown obsession.

T: Yeah this was a six week affair, 10 phone calls to the manufacturer telling them their product wouldn’t reach the temperature advertised…hah!

R: I can drink a little bit of coffee and then I go a little bit nutty.

T: Yeah, that’s a lot that she has right there. I’m not kidding, I’ll give her more, it’s not like I’m controlling it  but I’ll give her more and then you find half-full mugs all over the house. And she left it there because she’s off buzzing somewhere else!

R: Coffee was very prominent in my house growing up, I think my mom literally drinks four cups a day. She also brings my dad coffee in bed every single morning. Then my dad slow-cooks bacon for like 45 minutes, so mornings in my house always smelled like coffee and bacon.

T: My father would make us “frog in the holes” and I eventually figured out it wasn’t just something my family did. That weekend ritual was the greatest thing in the world! I loved the little disc that came out because it was buttered separately, so it was just the soft part of the bread with butter and then you’d soak that in the yolk. So good.

Raven Roxanne is an artist residing in Charleston with her fiancé and two pups.


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Anything + Ginger Smoothie



  • 2-3 Tbsp. fresh ginger
  • fresh spinach
  • banana
  • fresh strawberries
  • frozen mango
  • protein powder (optional)
  • coconut water


This is a loose, infinitely-adaptable smoothie recipe that features ginger. Throw whatever fruits and veggies you have into a blender (in this case: spinach, banana, strawberries, and frozen mango) with fresh ginger. Add protein powder if you wish. Add coconut water and ice and blend on high until consistency is to your liking.